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Basic maintenance of home garage doors may be done by home owners. Tasks such as removing visible dust are simple to accomplish by untrained people. However, there are certain complicated maintenance tasks that are best left to trained door specialists.

Upkeep and maintenance of garage door springs, rollers, cables and drums require special equipment and standard procedures that should be followed. Hence, they are best done by experts. Moreover, it could be unsafe for untrained home owners to attempt certain maintenance tasks on their own.

Indications that your garage door system lacks maintenance:

  • Misaligned tracks

  • Extra effort required to open or close the door

  • Shaky or noisy door

  • A long gap since the last professional inspection or maintenance check

Our home garage door maintenance includes (but is not limited to):

  • Visual inspection of components such as garage door springs, cables, pulleys, rollers and mounting hardware.

  • Lubrication of moving parts such as springs, hinges, rollers and tracks.

  • Applicable repair or replacement of hinges, rollers, tracks, bent or cracked panels, noisy doors, circuit boards, etc. are done.

  • Fastener replacements are maintained, door tracks are inspected and torsion or extension springs are adjusted according to safety standards.

Call us or connect with us online to get a free consultation regarding the maintenance of your home garage door.



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